Know an Auto Body Technician?

ABRA will pay you a $5,000 reward for your referral!*

ABRA Auto Body & Glass is currently seeking experienced auto body repair technicians and offering a $5,000 cash reward for every referral we hire.*

Refer as many candidates as you want. Refer two candidates, receive $10,000 in cash. Refer three, receive $15,000 in cash, and so on. There’s no limit. The more auto body technicians you refer, the more money you make! Click here to review the qualifications for an eligible referral.

Hurry… ABRA must receive your referral by October 31, 2016! It’s easy to get started. Provide the name, phone number, email, and resume (optional) of your referral:

1.  Call 763.585.6434


2.  Complete this form to make your referral


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