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Oftentimes, the road trip is just as fun as the trip itself. In order to make your time traveling to and from your destination more enjoyable, follow the checklist below and get your vehicle into tip-top shape! 

  • Start your trip with a clean car -  both outside and inside
    • Keep a garbage bag in the car
    • Towel for any spills
  • Check your spare tire
  • Test all of the vehicle’s lights, wipers, and horn
  • Make sure owner’s manual is easy to locate
  • Make up a survival kit to keep in the vehicle in case of an emergency
    • Pliers, hammer, flashlight, wrenches/screwdrivers, bunjee cords, & towing rope
  • Tire Tread – put an upside down quarter into the tread. If Washington’s head is somewhat covered, there is a reasonable amount of tread remaining.
  • Tire Pressure – locate the label on the car that shows the correct figures for tire pressure. Use a quality gauge to check the tires and compare to the label.
  • Oil Level – Quantity matters more than quality (in the short term). Ensure that your vehicle has a full level of motor oil before starting the trip, even if it’s not the freshest.
  • Washer Fluid – fill up washer tank fully before beginning the trip
  • Battery Inspection – check terminals for corrosion. Clean any corrosion with baking soda, a toothbrush, and some water and then put terminals back on

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